The Benefits Of A Professional Roofing Inspection

When it comes time to file a claim with your insurance company for a damaged roof, it can be greatly beneficial to have a professional look at your roof before the company sends out their adjuster.

A roofing expert will be able to dig deeper and diagnose issues that insurance adjusters just aren’t trained to spot. This will lead to a more accurate appraisal and perhaps more money in your pocket.

What If I’ve Already Submitted A Roofing Claim?

If you’ve already submitted a claim for your roof replacement or repair, that’s no problem! Our team can review your situation and double check the damage we found in our inspection against the supplemental or collateral damage portions of your coverage. This may increase the amount you actually get in your settlement.

So whether you’ve suffered severe hail damage or some other type of storm damage, don’t hesitate to contact Roof Doctor. Our experienced and caring roofing physicians can help you get your roof back to full health in no time.